Small Business is the Backbone of America

Hello Friends.

By now you are aware that 9.1% of United States workers are out of work. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you know someone who is.

Together, we can change that. Here is a place to start: small business. Small business is and always has been the backbone of America’s workforce. When it grows, the economy grows.

You may not realize it or have even considered starting a small business because the entry cost is so high. If you wanted to open a small business, it would likely cost you well over $100,000 just to get started and then it takes 3 to 5 years to break even.

Contrast that with network marketing. With this home-based business model, you can successfully build a small business with a significantly low entry fee. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick business model. It’s a legitimate model that you can build into a very lucrative business for yourself. All it takes is desire and self-motivation to build a team of people who all want the same thing: a better life.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing business models in the world. Imagine if you can help hundreds or thousands of others build their businesses too? We would have less people out of work and more people earning income while living a life they only dreamed of.

In a down economy like this one, network marketing is booming! People are more open to learning about better ways to earn money and are doing it!

If you do nothing, what can you look forward to a year from now? Two years from now? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you have the time and money to take vacations or will you go another year without a vacation.
  • Will you have time to spend with your family or will you be dragging your children off to daycare again.
  • Will you have money in bank or live paycheck to paycheck, terrified of being let go from your JOB?

Wouldn’t you rather look forward to:

  • Spending time with your family.
  • Money in the bank.
  • Time and money for vacations.
  • Planning the future of your dreams!

If you want to own your life and make a change, contact me today!

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