How to Change Your Team Beachbody Coach

For Team Beachbody members/customers:
Are you looking to change your assigned Beachbody Coach? There are many reasons why you may want to, including a Coach who is not responsive to your emails or calls, or maybe you just don’t have a good rapport.

Whatever the reason, you can switch your Team Beachbody to a different Coach. Before you make the switch, be sure to contact your assigned Beachbody Coach and let them know as a courtesy.

To change your assigned Beachbody Coach, send an email to Include the following (if you leave a comment on this post, nothing will get changed – follow the instructions):

  • Your name
  • Send the email from the email address you use to log into
  • The name or the Coach ID of the Coach to whom you want to switch (my Coach ID is 25149)
  • You can also call: 1-800-240-0913 and make the coach change over the phone.

For Team Beachbody members/customers who want to join as a Coach:

If you are a Team Beachbody member and already have an assigned Coach, but want to join as a Coach with a different Coach, do the following:

  1. Log into
  2. Click Coach > Be a Coach.
  3. Click “Yes, I want to be a Beachbody Coach”.
  4. On the signup page, under “Did a Coach Refer You?”, type the name or Coach ID of the Coach you want to join with and click “Look Up Coach.”
  5. That Coaches name will appear and you can continue with your signup.

If you have further questions, or want to join my team, contact me!

For Coaches:

If you are a Coach and want to change your upline Coach, you cannot unless it is within 72 hours (3 days) of your joining Team Beachbody as a Coach. If you are within the 3 day period, send an email to Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your Coach ID
  • The name or Coach ID of the new Coach

You should also follow up with a phone to the same phone number as above.

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