Beachbody Coaching in Canada Opens October 1

Beachbody Coaching in Canada I’ve gotten so many questions about when Beachbody Coaching in Canada opens. I so super excited to share with that date. with you.  Starting October 1, 2012, Canadian citizens can start their own Coach business. This is considered a pre-launch phase. If you ever dreamed of getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity, this is it for you!

By starting your “Beachbody Coaching in Canada”, you will be a founding Coach, one of the first to enroll and get first movers advantage! That is like a dream come true for anyone starting a home business! Also if you are not already a member of the general community, click here to enroll for free.

Beachbody Coaching in Canada Pre-Launch Phase

Join us during this pre-launch phase and start getting a team aligned with this life-changing opportunity. By final launch time (mid-2013), you will already have your solid team in place. So what’s all the “pre” about? Starting October 1, 2012, Beachbody Coaching in Canada will be available via the U.S. enrollment channel.

Upon enrollment as a Coach, the following applies:

  • You will be a Coach (yay!)
  • All commissions will be paid in U.S. dollars
  • You will receive U.S. tax documents from Corporate

When the final launch happens, here is what you can expect:

  • Your business will be transitioned to the Beachbody Coaching in Canada model
  • All commissions will be paid in Canadian dollars
  • You will receive Canadian tax document
  • Products will be distributed via a distribution center in Canada!

Don’t worry, when the transition happens, you will keep your customers and downline, nothing there changes.

I am so excited about this for you! Don’t wait until 2013 to get started. This is a first mover advantage for you. Mark your calendar for October 1 enrollment!

Beachbody Coaching in Canada Restrictions

It’s best to understand the restrictions during the pre-launch phase.

  • No advertising. This makes sense since it’s a relationship marketing business model. You cannot run news ads and you cannot solicit.
  • No resale of products. The good news is that all your customers can order via your Team Beachbody Coach website. You are not permitted to purchase products and then resell them. That’s a good thing! You wouldn’t want to stock items anyway.

Well gee whiz, what can you do? Like any relationship marketing company, you can grow your customers and your team by talking to people and sharing these amazing products!

How will Current Retailers affect Beachbody Coaching in Canada?

I am sure your first question is how retail stores (like Walmart) that sell Beachbody products will affect your home business. It’s complicated but here’s the bottom line straight from Corporate. These will be phased out over time in favor of growing the network (you). But remember, part of being a coach is providing the motivation and accountability to people.

Team Support from Me for Beachbody Coaching in Canada

When you join my team, you’ll get the same support I provide to everyone on my team! We have training and one-on-one mentoring to help you be successful with your Coach business. You can read the articles on this website to learn more about that!

Before you go, think about this: What would it mean to you to have more time, more money and good health? How would your life change and is what you are doing now going to provide that for you?

I don’t know if this is a good fit for you or not. But you owe it to yourself to look at Beachbody Coaching in Canada. Free free to contact me for any questions!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Beachbody Coaching in Canada. On October 1, visit this link to enroll.

Beachbody Coach Canada Update

ProvincesRecently, Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, posted an update on Team Beachbody’s progress to officially launch the Team Beachbody network marketing business into Canada.


Here is his brief summary from Beachbody corporate counsel Jonathan Gelfand in an effort to keep everyone current, especially those who have been enthusiastically waiting for this expansion:

“Multilevel marketing opportunities are stringently regulated in Canada on both a national level as well as a provincial level, with separate approvals needed for every province into which the company seeks to operate. While this does not provide a legal barrier for companies like Beachbody that provide a fair and legal business opportunity, it does mean that it takes a significant amount of time to secure the required permits and approvals.

Accordingly, we have updated our compensation plan, policies and procedures, products and supplements catalog and even marketing materials to ensure that they conform to all Canadian requirements to make our review process as fast as possible.

Even so, we have been told by Canadian regulators that the review process may take as long as 20 months. That process does not include the operational/logistics work that begins once we know we are cleared to proceed.

We do understand that we have many customers and friends in Canada who cannot wait to become successful Beachbody Coaches and we thank you for your patience. While we are pushing this forward aggressively, this process is almost entirely out of our hands while it is being reviewed by the various Canadian regulators.

To clear up any confusion, there is no “pre-registration” or reservation of spots for the Canadian opportunity, as all Coaches in Canada will be presented the same opportunity at the same time. I will continue to provide Carl and the network team with updates on our progress and milestones on our path to complete the Canada registration process.”

– Jonathan Gelfand
General Counsel

In the meantime, anyone in the United States or Canada can join Team Beachbody for Free.

There are two great ways to join Team Beachbody:

  • Free membership gives you a variety of workout tools and community support to help you get results.
  • Club level membership gives you a 10% discount on all purchases plus full access to the entire Team Beachbody community, including exclusive video content, VIP access to your favorite Trainers, and customizable meal plans to ensure you get all the motivation and support you need to get in the best shape of your life.

Click to find out more!

Beachbody Coaching in Canada

Get ready to join the Beachbody Coach Revolution Canada! Beachbody has been working to make this happen. Opening up Canada for the Beachbody Coach opportunity may happen in the 2010 – 2011 timeframe! They are moving along with the legalities.

I can’t wait for the official launch of Beachbody Coaching in Canada- so many people want to get involved!

In the meantime, you can click here to join Team Beachbody as a free member and get access to online fitness tools and community support.