Compensation Plan

Beachbody offers an exciting compensation plan to Beachbody Coaches! This is an overview of what you can expect. You can find more details in the official Beachbody Coach Compensation plan .

There are eight Coach Achievement Ranks:

  • Coach – 4 ways to earn
  • Emerald – 5 ways to earn (this is where Beachbody GIVES customers to qualified Emerald Coaches)
  • Ruby – 6 ways to earn
  • Diamond – 6 ways to earn

The earnings get even better with these next 4 Coach Ranks:

  • 2 Star Diamond
  • 5 Star Diamond
  • 10 Star Diamond
  • Super Star Diamond

Each time you advance through a Coach rank, you open up additional ways to maximize your compensation plan. Let’s review the first Coach level. This is where you start.

Coach: 4 ways to earn (commissions and bonuses paid weekly)

  • Retail commission: Earn 25% commission on retail sales price of Beachbody products you sell to your Personal Retail Customers. Earn 15% commission on products you sell to your personally enrolled Team Beachbody Club Members.
  • Team Beachbody Club membership commission : Earn 50% commission when you enroll a customer into the Team Beachbody Club (and when customer renews membership).
  • Showcase Pack bonus : Earn $50 when a personally sponsored Coach you enroll purchases a Showcase Pack.
  • Showcase Pack sponsor’s bonus : For each Showcase Pack purchased by a Coach personally sponsored by another Coach, in addition to the $50 Showcase Pack Bonus paid to their Sponsoring Coach, an additional $5 Showcase Pack – Sponsor Bonus will be paid to each of the five (5) Coaches up the Direct Line of Sponsorship from the Coach receiving the $50 Bonus.

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