Affiliate Marketing for Fitness and Health Products

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, you can make money in fitness and health without inventory or drop shipping products. Health and fitness is an industry that keeps growing regardless of the state of the U.S. economy.

In 2005, Nutrition was a $75 billion industry in the United States and Internet sales were growing at a rate of 25% (Nutrition Business Journal).

Revenue from fitness club memberships in the U.S. reached $15.6 billion back in 2005. Imagine what it is today?
The health and fitness industry continues to grow. Don’t miss out. As an experienced Internet affiliate marketer, you can jump right into selling Beachbody fitness and nutritional products on your website today!

One important benefit of Beachbody fitness products is that people are already buying fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and more! With excellent health products like these, you can’t go wrong at 25% commission.

If you are not already familiar with affiliate marketing through websites, it will take you some time to familiar with how to do it. If you are a seasoned internet marketer, don’t miss out on this opportunity!
You can easily start a new website about diet, exercise and health and write reviews for well-known products like P90X!

Fitness and health are both hot affiliate marketing niches!

As an affiliate marketer, you know that the first quarter of the year is the biggest retail sales for fitness and health products. Get your website ready now so you can drive traffic and be prepared to promote during the biggest retail sales time of year.

Take action today. Enroll as a Beachbody Coach and start promoting Beachbody products through your affiliate marketing websites. All the affiliate links, videos, and banners are available too!

With people spending billions of dollars every year on health, weight loss and fitness products, being a fitness and health affiliate is a great way to earn an income. Turn your online traffic into recurring commissions!

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